Garden of Wabi-Sabi

Garden of Wabi-Sabi
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Garden of Wabi-Sabi

The spirit manifested by these simple things makes everything better with its elegant gleam, and it is where eternity exists.” —— Okakura Tenshin

Taiwan, Taipei / 24 pings / 盛門建設 / 大直小西華

The bright sunlight gently skips through the leaves outside the window. The floor above the tree top overlooks the abundant greenness like a scenery painting that changes with seasons. In the morning, the vitality of the luxuriant branches and leaves and the bird chirps like the alarm clock are accompanied by the sunlight spreading in the room. With the changes of light and shadow outside the window, the faint light and shadow creates the simple and soft colors in the indoor space. The mild wood texture and the dark blue as calm as ink are used to make the nat-ural rough pattern and concise space. The strong fragrance of tea turns the private residence into a quiet tea room. It is not only a house to live in but also a paradise satisfying the mentally ele-vated interest.

Sitting on the Japanese tatami mats with the light rush fragrance and looking outside naturally calms and soothes people’s mind. As sunlight shines into the space with the plants on the bal-cony, the plants full of life makes people feel the unrestrained vitality of nature. Read quietly by the window accompanied by sunlight and greenness or relax on the sofa as thoughts and mind wander freely. The tatami creates the different functions when combined with furniture. In the graceful and fragrant warmness, the childhood memory of rolling and playing on a clean mat in the depth of mind is recalled. As the tatami full of the ancient charm serves as the re-minder of the elegant past years of the golden time, a sense of Wabi-Sabi and Zen comes into mind.

The window view on the other side is a wood house, making the space look like a secret land of seclusion with the warm gleam in the forest and the smoke curling upward. The long wood din-ing table endows the space with a warm and natural peace and tranquility. A Japanese paper lantern shows the mild grandness in the even and soft beige light and becomes the visual point of the space with the effect of the finishing touch. The gentle wood colors are accompanied by the warm brightness. A nostalgia feeling comes with the long river of time. On the long wood table, the tea set and cups are placed orderly. A tea room in the city center can look like a clear mountain forest away from the mundane world. As the tea is ready, the hustle and bustle in the city becomes distant. At the moment, the human mind is reflected by a cup of hot tea.

Between the Japanese room and wood long table is the living room. The dark blue serves as the color of the carpet and the end scene of the wall. The profound color atmosphere connects and harmonizes the two transitional spaces and extends and expands the sight and lighting of the overall space to the extreme, creating an end scene reflected from the window. The wood floor brings the simple atmosphere to the space. The white style lamp beside the window and the Jap-anese paper lantern support each other and give forth the quiet and faint gleam. The orange leather sofa and the calm dark blue create the dramatic color tension. There is a shade of splen-did taste in the reservedness, modesty, elegance, and self-control of a British noble. Even in the simple things, a glimmer of personal elegance will show the eternal beauty of everything.
The quiet space is enclosed by the walls in dark colors. The dark blue walls full of charm bring a mysterious, quiet, and broad feeling. The craftsman’s handmade work creates the gorgeous colors of the special coating like a peacock’s feathers. Looked from the different directions, the trace of ink blue, dark green, lemon yellow, and light brown can be found on the wall. The glitter powder like sparkling stars is both graceful and splendid as if the rainbow gently ap-peared in front of eyes.

As the Japanese aesthetician, Okakura Kakuzo, said: “The elevated tea ceremony is the adora-tion for aestheticism and admiration for the beautiful things in daily life.” Instead of the daz-zling decoration made on purpose, the natural texture in the natural materials shows the grand-ness unintentionally. Elegance is to slow down life and spend time making a cup of good tea for others quietly. In the private space calming both body and mind, time slows down the moving trace. Remove the tiring burden, get away from the world, and enjoy the tranquility for a mo-ment. Like a ceremony, it has become the leisurely interest in life aesthetics, the formation of the living atmosphere of the home, and the life taste with endless charm.

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