ShangYih Interior Design Director

Alan Yu

A craftsman focuses on the standard without the slightest error.An artist pursues the aesthetic breakthrough of a higher level.Interior design is to concretize taste and style.


2021~2024 Supervisor of Taiwan National Association Interior Designers (TnAID)
2019 MA in Interior design, China University of Technology
2016 Obtained the certificate of “level B technician for building interior installation and repair management”
2015 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Department of Interior Design, Asia University
2015 Director of Taiwan National Association Interior Designers (TnAID)
2005 Obtained the certificate of “level B technician for interior design of building”
2000 Established Shang Yih Interior Design
Member of Chinese Society of Interior Designers (CSID)

Director’s Words

I have nearly twenty years of experience in interior design, from working alone to having a design team of almost thirty members. In 2000, Shang Yih Interior Design was officially established. I have served many clients since I started the business and felt every house owner’s expectation and commitment in their imagination for a home. I expect to raise the levels of life in the future through the design of “home.” In my opinion, design is not a simply job. It should be “a sense of mission that we have to realize the dreams others entrust to us.” By following the belief, the team will keep progressing.

“The tension of the space does not lie in the quantity of design but in the preparation for a sense of life.” This is the motto of Shang Yih, and my most sincere feeling for the space in the silence of the night. As we are so eager to present many design techniques, do we forget the original intention in the space design? Each work will change with different owners and spaces. We should start from the users’ feelings to shape the real souls belonging to every space.

It is expected that every future design will stick to the true spirit of Shang Yih and realize every client’s dream for a “home.”


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