Out of Clear Water

Out of Clear Water
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Out of Clear Water

Life is like rowing a light boat. The wind blows gently like water. The moon shines brightly like frost. Fish play around clear waves. The moment of entering the space brings forth the transient impression of rippling waves. The residence designed for the retired shows people’s understanding and expectation for beautiful life to the fullest.

Taiwan / 70 pings / 大華建設 / 湖閱天琴

Landscape is only an impression, its appearance changing at every moment —— Claud Monet

If life is like clear spring, there should be warm wind blowing gently, a dark green lotus leaf stretching, and fish swimming in clean water. The reflected lotus and daylight can be seen on the transient glittering ripples. In the hustle and bustle of the city, can you lean lightly on the magnolia oars in your hands, anchor the restless heart in the middle of the clean and clear pond, feel the blooming and withering of flowers, and forget about the surroundings and self in the daily chores of life?

Fish Enjoy Moon in Clear Water, Birds Chirp among Quiet Flowers

The Impressionist master, Claude Monet, guides people to walk into nature and around the pond in a beautiful day together and to feel the breeze caressing your cheeks, the warmth of sunlight, the clouds floating in the sky, and the fragrance from flowers. Like Monet’s painting full of the oriental charm and Zen atmosphere, the dark green marble at the entrance with the texture of natural stone and the veined patterns in dark and light green gives the impression of the water reflection and skipping fish under lotus leaves. Together with the light and thin wood grid, it becomes the surprising opening of the space.

At dawn and dusk, rain or shine in four seasons, the large window introduces natural light and makes the imprint full of sunlight. The slowly rotating ceiling fan relieves the humidity and heat from the hot and rainy weather of Taiwan, adjusts the circulation, and also brings the holiday-like lazy atmosphere. The crystal pattern of the marble TV wall looks like the gravel lying under the clear river, quietly telling the changes, scouring, and silting of the river. The long iron cabinet below creates the floating lightness for the stone structure and also makes the lines thinner and more exquisite. The natural light and outdoor greenness extends to the carpet under the sofa, which looks like the green grass spreading on soft soil or the moss clustering in the forest.

The organized light-color wood grid of the same spacing extends from the wall to the kitchen and dining space. The glimmer between the intervals brings more life to the large sculpture on the iron display cabinet. The doors of the private field and storage cabinets are property concealed from the living room so that “those that do not have to be seen” are hidden. The consistent low profile and invisibility has been adopted as the deep details are kept restrained and outstanding. In the open kitchen, the island is extended outward to be the light meal preparation area and inward to be the frying area for the gourmets. The functions are complete and flexible. The scenes and objects change shapes in the reflection of the stainless steel material and uneven glass on the pendant light, creating the misty beauty. The overall clear-cut lines make all room look simple and pure.

The simple one table with two chairs is placed by the L-shape French window. Without the disturbance and noise from the outside world, the coffee beans grinding sounds together with the surrounding charming fragrance can be felt in the tranquility. For the friends and visitors, they will feel free and totally relaxed to speak out their mind at the café scene at home. In the fast-paced and alienated city life, let’s slow down and have an irreplaceable café in our mind, spend time leisurely, listen to each other attentively, and enjoy the beautiful aspiration in life.

In the corner study room separated by a sliding door, a comfortable single chair is placed by the French window. Take a book from the shelf or spend a few moments in quiet medication. Have an exclusive view of the moonlight and starlight and overlook the endless traffic and splendid lights of the city. The night scene is like a painting. This is the relaxing time just for you.

The soft upholstered headboard presents the noble-like gentle, elegant, and calm atmosphere with the comfortable material and texture and brings peace to mind at night. Only when we have the calm rest time and joyful sleep for body and mind can we acquire the absolute power to face the reality.

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