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A World for Epiphany

In the noisy world, this space make a person leave the world spiritually, forget outside world and oneself to achieve unity of man and universe in the light and shadow.

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Just like the impromptu demonstrated in Chinese brush painting, a simple, calm and reserved space was created with power. By the leisure formed by emptiness and reality and the blank-leaving in a space, we pursue the simple nature in refined beauty. In the noisy world, this space make a person leave the world spiritually, forget outside world and oneself to achieve unity of man and universe in the light and shadow.

Elegance for City Seekers

The essence of design is to present the deepest soul in space. In the clear, quiet and pure interior design, we create a serene and relaxed space appearance and atmosphere, reflecting the restrained and hidden side. In the simple design, it is another kind of oriental Zen style that converges and blends into the space. The consciousness for seclusion emphasizes the resident s’ idea that they cherish themselves, attaches importance to spiritual life, wait for the moment to act, and pursue a free, self-sufficient and romantic attitude toward life.

Deep and Reserved Elegance

By taking gray tones and warm wood as the overall structure, the dark tone makes space profound. The dark slate bricks reflect the warm and moist texture. The ground is like an inkstone, and the ink in it outlines the deep and reserved texture, making a quiet atmosphere for the space. The fair-faced concrete of the main TV wall has become the largest splash-ink of landscape in the whole space. Without extra decoration and gorgeous materials of the space, the dark and elegant walls create a quiet and comfortable space with a high quality.

The Zen Tracks Left by Time, Light and Shadow

Light and materials are the most important highlights of the case. The gentle sunlight penetrates the shutters and sprinkled into the house. With adjustable wooden shutters, the mobility and warmth can be added. Integration with light and shadow by minimal materials also shows the original purity of space and the power that space should have. From the glass window, you can see the separate bathtub in the bathroom, which preserves visibility and light by the design of open bathroom. Under the sun, the waves highlight the levels of light and shadow. The spatial interaction without boundaries allows the space of the bath and the field of life to match each other, and the occupants can also be calm down and feel the its mildness in every corner of the space.

Naturally Formed Space Axis

Kitchen island is the most direct field of interaction between people. Through the slate tiles and kitchen island, the field from public space to the master bedroom is connected. By the design for the interaction between the private sector and the public space in the space axis, the functional axis for hospitality and the meal is pulled out. With the turning of the fireplace, what can be seen is a chandelier with the style of installation art and its golden glow shines the whole wood table, from which we can feel the earth due to the preservation of the most original layers and texture of wood. Just like a modern oil painting, the design uses the dark color of stone to create the calm atmosphere, and thus, the fusion of Chinese and Western culture is demonstrated in the space of oriental Zen.

Hope for a Better Life

Home is loaded with the expectations from its owners. The wall behind the headboard of the master bedroom presents the layers of uneven slopes as a metaphor for the reflection of light and shadow, which makes the expression in the space change. The couch by the window is a very pleasant space, with a small wooden table, a pot of tea, a book, whether sitting or lying, you can have leisurely time and satisfaction. The calm and relaxing atmosphere makes a good spiritual interaction between house and the occupants and creates a very intimate connection for the two.

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