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For the texture arrangement between smoothness and roughness,And a characteristic exclusive adventure,Something old in the new creation is never old-fashioned.The image emphasizing newness and changes And the conflicting, contrasting, and exaggerating tension Depict the exclusive character for the life scenes.

Taiwan,New Taipei / 48 pings / 立軒建設 / Yi-Yue-Tzang


Known as Yi-Yue-Tzang, a pleasing mysterious box transcends the flow of time and the barriers of space with the collisions between modern and industrial styles and fusion of Eastern and Western styles. A design without being limited by style terms can truly express a unique personality.


Entering Yi-Yue-Tzang, what could be seen was the soul of space and the color as well as texture all around. The industrial style was taken as theme, and a variety of multiple materials were boldly used with delicate arrangement and combination. The integration of Pandomo, iron pieces and old wood mixed the charm of simplicity with arts. The inlaid shoe cabinet next to the entrance introduced the fine industrial style directly by using solid door panels made of pine with iron handles featuring upside-down U shape. The side wall was a full-faced iron wall, and small magnets could retain life images, messages and emotional flows.


The design in living room showed a calming, modern, and oriental feeling. The texture painted by the craftsman dances on the main wall. The wooden platform quietly leaned against the wall, and from the storage platform and the sofa base to the couch and the TV wall, the warmth from wood surrounded the whole space that guests come in. The special corner sofa whose clean blue was poetic gracefully achieved the focalization. Finally, by pouring Pandomo into the center, still water that was like a mirror and sparkling was formed.

The TV wall was both rough and delicate. With the special method of the mold-release paints, the texture of wood could be retained while the touch is smooth and soft. The storage wall behind the wall was painted white in contrast to the overall dark tones. Decorated with the wood and iron railings, a study room where leisure and industry coexisted was created.


The black ceiling was put on the iron nettings and the wooden boards. From the study to the kitchen, from being flat to being high and low alternatively, it attracted visitors to enter the party atmosphere. In the long and narrow dining room, a pleasant conversation started beside the wooden table whose length was almost 5 meters. The mirror in the bottom extended the space infinitely as if a fantastic tunnel which was too romantic for people to leave.

Among the three brick walls, two were concealed closets containing large storage capacity, while the third one subtly decorated the protruding beams and columns. Due to the retro tungsten lamps installed on the sliding door by the precise method, the warm light shone on the brick wall. Besides, the dining area had the color of the tavern. The sound of the party would be reverberated here.


The master bedroom was simple and white, and wood spliced in the center was like a warm carpet. Four British flag stood on the back of the bed with wire-brushed wood, iron frames and steel cables. The elegant bedroom had British atmosphere in the 18th century.
The house full of personal characteristics has broken the general impression on the industrial style, and brought the delicacy by mixing the British style and the unique mystery and exquisiteness of the East. In addition to the visual beauty and the feeling of the atmosphere, it combined the practicality of life. The taste of the homeowner, the beauty of the designer, and the tacit understanding between the two has been well collected in this box of mystery called Yi-Yue-Tzang.