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Tranquil Reflection in the Depths of Mind
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The Encounter of Light Industry Style and Texture。
Tranquil Reflection in the Depths of Mind

The space tension in the serene atmosphere is presented.
As you enter it, you gaze and define the visual extension.As you get closer, the details are enlarged and the exquisite looks appear.

Taiwan, Taichung / 94 pings / 聯聚建設 / 聯聚理仁

Lian Ju Li Ren is located in the 7th redevelopment zone of Taichung, neighboring to National Taichung Theater and department stores. With the fine ambient conditions, it breaks the ordinary framework of the design of the luxurious residence. Having a high quality light industrial style, it shows the exclusive new scale. For the design of the entrance, we specially start with the lush greenness to serve as the spiritual symbol full of vitality. The ink-black slates are used for the floor to converse with the concrete wall, steady and comforting.


For the overall space design, we select black, grey, and white as the basic colors, and accompanied by the soft outfit of lower value and chroma. The piping is just left crossing the space randomly, infusing a light and spontaneous atmosphere. The unique light is added for embellishment. The nostalgic design is integrated with the modern fashion to compose a charming waltz.


In the living room, the deep-dyed wood as the wall extends into the space. The stainless steel TV wall looks unique. The matte material reflects the outdoor sunlight indistinctively, ot only upgrading the texture but also adding a veil of misty beauty. The space behind the wall carefully and gracefully provides storage function.

The mouth-blown glass style lights are hung from the ceiling, crisscrossing above the dining table.The crystal clear surface condenses the spacious space like a rainbow crossing composing an individual small world.

"Light is an illuminating work of art."


Walking into the master bedroom, the large French windows come into our view. It is as if selfishly making the sunlight a personal property. The rare scene extended from the couch is also inlayed with the warm yellow light. A simulation heater is also buried at the end to add more temperature to the space without the real wood and fire. Intentionally, the bed is not placed in the middle, and two night lights are added. The asymmetric beauty and harmony bring a sense of calmness as well as some fun to the master bedroom.

The deep dyed wood wall is extended to every corner of the house without superseding the major tone. With both practical function and aesthetic beauty, it is not only a silent wall, it smartly contains the walk-in closet and bathroom.

Take a short nap at the sunshine afternoon, and wake from the dreams when the dusk comes. Leisurely walk to the window and greet the late wind sweeping through the hair. Pick a half-finished book and lean on the couch as the carefree night time is just about to come.