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The Mixture of Outstanding and Restrained——Boundless

Though located in the Maple Garden area of the 7th Redevelopment Zone, the indoors design does not advocate luxury.Looking into the illuminated street lights from the big window, but never feel bewildered.Cultivate temperament and enjoy ourselves in this self-constructed world.

Taiwan / 99 pings / 寶輝建設 / 寶輝秋紅谷

Cinderella-grey rock is paved from the entrance hall.The motley rock pattern and different type of stone material mingled with each other.The outstanding talent is presented from the beginning of space design.

In the living room, a pottery art created with master Yongxu Hsu is located at the main wall.The surface without glaze, the small openings of special force, and the grey mirror that presents suspending in the air, you feel like being in a star journey.The titanium-plated surface extends the visual effect of space, feeling like immersed in the virtual and reality.The glowing halo appears gently from the sofa, collecting the long-lasting magnanimity.

On the other side of the irregular stone pillar is a floor-to-ceiling window.Where you can see the panoramic view of Taichung.6 wooden grids are placed randomly to present visual cutting effect.You feel like seeing the light of the other side from a natural cave.

The open kitchen and dining area is decorated with consistent tone of stone and wood.Light is introduced into the wine cooler at the bar.The color of light can be changed for different mood and atmosphere.The grille wall is delicately separate stir-fried and light dish area, and a wall is hidden inside.

Behind the dining area is a transparent study room made with glass wall.Irregular stone wall is designed in the study room, to create a resting area in the wilde mountains.

The montage wooden floor separates the public area and master bedroom.Outside wall of the dressing room is composed with linear design, with decoration of picture frame.The bedroom design subtly adopts the hostess’ favorite element- American classic.Around the corner, there is a bedside wall.

The hollow half-height TV wall and floor-to-ceiling window are the paths that introduce sunlight.At night, the shining city lights present another landscape.

The master bathroom is composed by marble wall and the extension of floor-to-ceiling wall. You can enjoy daytime bathing in the free-standing bath.Shutters fall on the ground; fatigue of the all-day working is now washed away.

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