Freehand brushwork of hidden summit

Freehand brushwork of hidden summit
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Museum of Times Collection。Natural Portrait

Standing of the high stone, memory is the only work of art, the experience living in harmony with nature, on and on.


Lake a slow walk, let the moon-like stone road guide you home.
The square-shape main building is embellished by the interlaced of beams and pillars, bringing lively character to the calm base. At the late night, a shimmering star in the darkness await the return of travelers.

The moon and stars are fading, here comes the morning light into the house.
The tall glass does not miss each inch of warm sun; the stiff boundary established by partition wall is gone.The ceiling is divided by appropriate line to break the dullness and extend outwards with grille.

The only wall indoors is a stone wall in the island kitchen, presenting extraordinary character.
The marble floor is mirror-like material, reflecting the natural scenery outside into the room, matching well with wooden and stone material.
You can experience bathing in the mountains and forests, and enjoy the warmth of family happiness

Walking up alone the stairs, it is the bridge that connect family emotions.The clever use of gaps between step looks like a roll of film.Presenting not only the four seasons outdoors, but also the living trace of the family.

The white and clean marble is the based, with the introverted steel kitchen system to extend the overall wide and natural style.The sun is introduced through the windows to the counter. You can always here the laughter when the family is cooking together.Even if holding a cup of hot tea and talking around the round table makes a unique scenery.

The boat travelling through all oceans, working hard for most of the life, is now berthed at the living room.The comparative calm colors and materials presents the tranquil.
And the second half of life is about to sail.

The use of white colors and the reflection of giant mirror makes the room more spacious visually.
The pattern of marble is the traces of mountains and rivers that carry living experience of half of the owner’s life, telling wonderful stories in details.

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