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Entry Into Forest
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時間的舵手。Entry into Forest

Time flows with the lights and shadows,
overlapping in the scattered luster, also stopping in the silence.
Write the actual situation of the boundaries of the actual situation.

Taiwan,Taichung / 85 pings / 宏銓建設 / 入深林

Grille ceiling used for entrance vestibule and corridor, tight staggering of wooden grille and iron grille correspond to pull door grille design behind sofa. Rich shadow passes across grille and curves on the flooring as surprise. Living room faces toward entrance stone wall and stones array in two sides symmetrically and rhythmically. Sunlight and lighting plays poet’s role in the space and sings beautiful and warm art.

Pursue to space suspension concept and grant space stereo layer drop. Create flooring cushioning effect in two sides and divide middle zone so that space in two sides looks like an individual arena. Focus on vision unconsciously and strive to design a descending floor in the center. Thus, it forms a natural integral space focus. Cushioned stairs are fitted with light source delicately below for more specific and distinct suspension effect.



Complete stones on flooring show space delicacy completely by mirror surface and reflection variation. Staggering concept behind sofa is used by using wooden grille. Shadow varies by combination with outdoor tree shadow at the same time by sunlight penetration and stretching. It likes arena story shows season variation in the space and the entire room image continues wonderfully.

Art placement zone in living room is combined by two kinds of material quality. Stainless steel cabinet bottom and embedded light source in two sides adds layering. Thin slates are embedded into bottom of exhibition cabinet coarsely and delicately. Toe wall of furnace partitions dining room delicately. Study, dining room, living room, bedroom, interior vestibule and bathroom connect in the space by the same tone. Cascade relationship is tight and open. It shows the widest penetration integrally.

Sense of space stretches infinitely despite of certain border. Flying shadow penetrates in ceramic hollow-out into many devices thus it is also an amazed art image by combination with Taiwan ceramist, Teacher Xu Yongxu in exhibition zone in the other side.

Set stereo device art in bedside tension of main bedroom. Tension light displays greatly in levels by combining soft tension materials and hard stereo sculpture and shadow foil. In the meanwhile, pay attention to residential privacy demand. Concealed door design beauty and demand in two sides supplement each other.

Bedroom toilet cushion in levels provide arena effect of individual bathtub. Interior bookcase strengthens bathroom function. Books can be placed on book wall as exhibition space by more living design.

Time, shadow, material quality and space update romantically at the time, mysterious and transparent, outstanding and restrained. Feeling silent talk of every material quality is the most beautiful image of this drama.