Fang’s House, Songde Road graphene

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Gently recreate the outline of the mountains and water.Add meaning to the traditional colors of human life

Taiwan,Taipei / 76 pings / 國美建設 / 國家美術館

The warm light lightly dances on the wood’s textured surface.
The resulting images that meets the eyes is full of delicacy and elegance.

A lone woman is drawn in an ink painting style and portrays a feeling of poetry and literature. The living space focuses on being concise and angular; with regards to color and atmosphere, a quiet and elegant tone is portrayed, while the general visual perception stems more from the symmetry of the space.



The color of the marble is called "splashed ink landscape" and its purpose in the overall space is to have its own warmth and luster play with the warmth of the wood on the axis between the living room and the study and the living room and the restaurant. The hollow brick face provides just a touch of earth.

The space has a rectangular frame with perfect proportions and walls made of stone with a natural shine and smooth texture. Marble is placed on the furnace to create a slight visual partition of the orderly public space by using flowing lines.