Lee’s House, Songren Road- Stretched among Peaks

Stretched among Peaks
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Stretched among Peaks

The indoor extension of rare greenness and landscape of Xinyi District Cascading,overlapping,the ceiling lines trace ridges and summits of mountains
Grains of woods and stones in subtlety echo the life of quality

Taiwan,Taipei / 67 pings / 達欣建設 / 高峰會

Unpolished stone paved with plain honesty, the ambiance of foreground.
Simplicity, purity, the materials speak for themselves, Leaving a room of mood, a space of untold. The interior from the entrance hall is segmented by natural stone skin and irregular wood grains.
The aesthetics of the space is elaborated by natural vocabulary. The balance of shaft is developed by symmetrical technique,
asymmetric stone materials, harmonious ratio of section and the symmetry of walls.
Move between depth of field, the view expands with steps.
A harmony performed from logs and rocks.

The exterior mountain peaks continue stretching to the ceiling where the high and low are crossed over by natural wood grains to enrich the deep beauty of nature. The grey floor is extended from the walls. The stretched silhouettes among those peaks are outlined by the clear-cut lines of the natural stone skin and the window light.

As the extension of circulation, the natural wood grains travel throughout every corner of the house like the branches of a tree that are growing spontaneously.

The curves of mountain ridges are overlapped layers by layers and outlined with traces;Stones are carved as the shape they were born with;The finest touched feelings are depicted by the grains of wood;The natural textures will be on-going stretched for good. Each space is displayed by great natural elements that echo the window views. The pure materials are surrounded and shined by light and shadows.

A contrast harmony is created by the mix of cold stone materials and warm wood grains. Natural textures soften the sharp lines while all functions of space are linked by the concept of shaft to dilute the fragmentation of space.

Enjoying greens, mountains and ridges, a study room completed with sophistication, Answers the contented aesthetics in between.

Individual spaces, a window with a view inviting green mountains and trees to the bedside. Individual comfort, a carefree concord released from the nature.

A bedroom that functions as lavatory, changing room and entertainment space, Divided with walls of wood, walls of stones.Saving the individuality of every one.

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