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Chase the tranquility that exists within our soul.
Stubbornness -- being the insistence of not admitting feat by every woman.
Coolness -- being masquerade obliged yet save in vain.
As for maturity -- because there is additional space that can converse with self.

Only at the place
One can don off all of the weaponry guard
only at the place
I am what I am And it is, in fact, the I-ness of being soft, persevere, but eye-catching

Taiwan,Taipei / 54 pings

Here lives a modern woman who walks in the concrete jungles day by day; she could only relax herself when coming back to her secret base.This is a quiet house in Xindian district with only chirping and sunlight. After living in Europe for a long time, she pursues such a peace like a tired bird desires to come back to its nest. White is the basic tone of house, it is reserved, gentle, and full of confidence. The elegant lines drawn by iron and wood complement yellow light in this quiet wonderland.

When stepping into the entrance, she sees the light sprinkling from shutters. On the white wall, the wood and iron alternate to form the well-shaped cabinet. The simple lines and colors show taste and styles directly through building materials. Also, the dark floor tiles of the corridor lead the footsteps into the wonderland, and the wood grill ceiling coordinates with the grilled shoe cabinet on the right to extend sight forward by regular lines.

Stepping on the simple cement texture, the heart is settled. The leather sofa in earth tone, coupled with a special barrel-type iron table, makes her forget the fatigue and enjoy leisure time. In the design of the living room, the stainless steel material emphasizes the power of independent women: the clean right angle and smooth surface of the TV wall reflects slightly the natural light introduced by the floor-to-ceiling windows; the display laminate of wall behind the sofa fits in with the TV wall, which can integrate the living room area.

Concerning the kitchen and dining area created for the woman who loves to cook, it was made up of interlaced rectangles with dark and light colors: black kitchen-island and dining table, system cabinet with light wood texture, silver stainless steel wall and large grey mirror. Different materials make the light reflect and give the field different expressions. Special wine glasses and wine racks can be used to entertain visiting besties with a cup of cocktail at any time. The fluoric acid glass dining table going with a metal dining chair and the designed chandelier is simple and stylish.

The second floor is private sector. The design of the living room considered the sloping roof structure of the house and used asymmetrical division of the entire surface of the rust iron plate to enliven the minimal space. The metal chandelier above illuminates on the light wooden floor. It is new, light and mellow compared to the rust iron which is old, heavy and sharp, and thus activates the space.

In the mid-night, she enters her bedroom, end a busy day and greet a new one. The dark color of the master bedroom design was separated from the bright style of the public area. The main wall of the bed was made of pig iron, the natural color and texture of iron maintains some punk styles in elegance with the black leather headboard. The door of wire netting for fitting room makes sight clear and broadens the space. As for the collections of suitcases and bags, they are put in special showcases as a special exhibition for her.
The overall design for the space is the collocation of different kinds of iron material such as stainless steel, rust iron, and pig iron and the alternation of the softness and the hardness of Pandomo, black mirror, and wood. The key arrangements for soft outfits not only emphasize some special-designed items but also uses a large blank space to magnify the quality of building materials to create an elegant house as a wonderland for modern women.

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