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Camping in the Brilliantly Lighted Garden under the Starry Sky
You lift up a tent near the mountain and by the river.At sunset, you stack up and burn the firewood and see the flames flaring out from the gaps;You sing or hum slowly, while evening wind caresses your face.You sit or lie, watching the shimmering stars.

Taiwan,Neihu / 53 pings / 連廣建設 / Yu Qing Chuan

Seeing the firewood stacked at the entrance, you feel free from vulgarity upon opening the gate.At the living room is a round table of natural charcoal wood texture.A eucalyptus tree boldly retained at its original posture stands on the side as a symbol of reliability.Sitting or lying here, you experience a kind of life in Nature.

With the black slate extending from the living room to the study,three trees break vigorously out of the ground, echoing with the eucalyptus in the living room.The walls are paved with rough rock to create the look of a cave.Left blank are the rest of the places and the iron pieces, with the blankness serving as not only a backdrop but also a breathing space.

Covered with artificial turf, the outdoor balcony offers an exquisite space close to the urban landscape,on which you can not only have a picnic to relax yourself, but conduct all kinds of talks with friends;And during the deep night, you feel like camping in the brilliantly lighted garden under the starry sky.

The dining room is found to have small well-crafted camping elements here and there.The oil-lamp-shaped table lighting projects light from the ceiling.Its bright and swaying light warms up the mealtime for the family.

On the side is an open kitchen bar,which creates a sense of life and meets all the life functions.Not only is the sliding door used to separate flexibly the light-food section from the stir-fried food section,but the main wooden wall is also designed with cabinets to store the homeowner’s favorite camping appliances.

Mainly made of white-washed wood, the master bedroom enhances the temperature in the space, creating a cozy tonality;and makes a foggy image of the forest on the main wall behind the bed.As long as you close the door, you are surrounded by a small world constructed by yourself.

Extended to the master bedroom and bathroom is such a feeling for the mountains and the forests.Clear water flows from the crevices of the stone-skin wall.Dipping in the water, you hope to wash away the fatigue of the day and heal yourself.

If you wish to live a life like camping every day,the Yu Qing Chuan (Royal Green River) will be the clear stream to you.As occupants, you will be comforted by the clear stream that flows smoothly to clean away all the impurities.

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