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Green river
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Dancing of Graceful Women——The Green River

Pursue the atmosphere instead of showy beauty without real worth.No excessive decoration, but only a few moderate ornaments.Green River, is like a graceful woman dancing by the river side.She could wear light or heavy makeup with different styles and reflections.

Taiwan,Taipei / 55 pings / 連廣建設 / 青川富御

The design feature of Zhao Family in Neihu Green River Imperial is open space.“Domestic design for cats” is especially applied; the furniture and soft furniture are anti-cat scratch materials. And cat playground and sun bath area are designed. Get rid of excess compartments and reserve more space for family and cats.

The living room floor is applied with natural pattern Pandomo paint, and the seamless feature extends to the wall, increasing the quality value of the space.Black, grey and white are the base colors in the living room.The TV wall is made of irregular black stone and with white high ceiling.The leading character here is the sunlight splashed by the balcony outside of floor-to-ceiling window.

The open kitchen is divided by stir-fried and light food areas.The light food area is designed with modern stainless steel and black mirror surface.Wooden dining table and light wood cabin are applied in the dining area, keeping it the warm spot for family meals.

Warm color wooden headboard, back wall and bedside tables are applied in the master bedroom, making the overall feature natural and relaxing.The widow side with natural light is designed as a study area. You can immerse in the scent of book and sunlight at the same time.

Big mirrors in the bathroom makes it more spacious, and the stone material makes you feel like bathing in the natural mountains and forests.

Storage is one of the most important things for interior design.On the right hand of the entrance hall is a shoe area behind the sliding door.The wooden back wall in the dining area has reserved storage space.

Apart from independent dressing room, there is a walk-in closet in the master room.

The owner being a fashion designer, has unique interpretation for home design.A great number of special stone materials, wooden materials and stainless steel is applied.This grand luxury house is designed with a natural atmosphere unlike the busy world outside.Home, is the place every family member feel spiritually recharged with endless energy.