Timeless Residence At The Mountain

Timeless Residence At The Mountain
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The Architecture of Nature——Mountain Villa

The Liu Family in Mountain Villa is located nearby the Guanyin Mountain, with the view of estuary of Tansui River.
The 100 square meter area takes you away from the disturbing world to enjoy the natural landscape in front.
The floor is covered with cement-like material, as a fuse of visiting the forest.
The white stone wall creating a wide range of space echoing the outdoor landscape.
You can bathe in the spirit of the mountain and forest even if staying indoors.

Taiwan,New Taipei / 30 pings / 萬通建設 / 萬通

At the first sight, you will see an open kitchen and dining area.The L-shape bar run through the kitchen, wash basin and integrates into the grey-mirror wall, creating a modern-style design.Even when cooking, the master can see the happy family behind through the reflection of mirror.

The natural wood-colored distressed dining table plays the role of connecting the kitchen with the living room, where the floor-to-ceiling window is like a frame for the natural scenery.The white ceiling and floor, simple and mix-textured montage, low-key furniture and a modern-style painting leaves the focus of the living room to the family members sitting and laughing on the coach.

The open space design and fluent movement slowing move along the cement-like floor. A storage space is hidden in the wooden grille on the wall.

The master bedroom is decorated with luxurious floor-to-ceiling window that replaces a wall.Every frame is like a unique painting of the natural landscape.The balcony is an extended space to enjoy the mountains outdoors ind the breeze.

When the moon and stars fall, there is a completely different landscape.The afterglow of sunset spills into the room, giving a light golden color on the sofa, bed and wall.Bathing in the bathtub next to the window while enjoying this special moment.

Through clear and spiritual interior aesthetics, the design is outstanding and exquisite, outlining the life with the natural.