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Shang Yih Interior Design Office

Nourish inspiration,virtualize lines between work and life Empower space of souls of daytime from nighttime
The meaning of work,lies not in itself
But a implementation of ideal life
The most peculiar thing of space design
Is the realization of the expectation of proprietor and the designer

Taiwan,Taipei / 58 pings / 大陸工程 / 晶華VISTA

Scattered by the day
The balmy sunlight feeds you with clear thoughts
Sans the consumption of coffee.

Automated floor-to-ceiling windows as the partition
To the outdoor space from meeting room.


Close the glass partition and shut the noise for a confidential meeting space.
Size up or down, all in your fingers.


“S hang Yih Interior Design”
Located on the fashion Zhongshan boutique street, next to Regent Hotel.Luxurious site, exclusive quality.


When nigh falls, lift the floor-to-ceiling window to the balcony. The night view, the breeze Always find it homey when returning back to indoor.


The space has a rectangular frame with perfect proportions and walls made of stone with a natural shine and smooth texture. Marble is placed on the furnace to create a slight visual partition of the orderly public space by using flowing lines.


“Y ou see me playing, I am actually working;You think I am working, in fact I am playing.” Maybe this is the best annotation to the work of design!