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The great view of Taipei riverside. It can transform your inner quiet into a living style.

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Time has awakened some memories, Time elapsed quickly. One thing that has never changed is the home that decorated by sun, moon and stars that carries the story of our family.Parents' expectation for their children, is to grow happily in this environment. The life living by the riverside will never fade out under the passing of time and will last forever.
Dazhi Emperor is located at a perfect location with great view of Taipei riverside. It can transform your inner quiet into a living style. The large floor-to-ceiling windows are like camera lens that capture the city view and passion. Living in this building, you can’t help taking photos at any time for the charm of the city.

The main materials in the living room is iron and titanium-plated to create a calm and restrained effect. The public area presents modern-tech style. The titanium-plated wall reflect the river and trees outside like shadow in the living area.

Combination of Multiple Materials Reflects the Change of Mood

Dining area is an important place for family reunion. Wooden floor, wooden grille revolving door in warm color creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere for daily meal time. The genius design of revolving door can separate space when closed and create a spacious effect when opened. The different materials can create different atmosphere, adding more fun in life.

Sitting in the Beautiful View, Connecting Life with Nature

The master bedroom is paved with large carpet, creating the soft impression of comfortable atmosphere. The white wooden wall represents the sincerity that relax your mind and body.

A private sofa bed is built by the window, where you can watch the airplanes, sunrise and sunset. It is the best connection of nature and life through space.

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