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Luxury Surrounded by the Priceless。Ellipse 360

Between the mountain and the sea, between the sunrise and the sunset, between the starry sky and the clouds. In the nature, feel the subtlety of constant changes.Relish with the soul, and hear the same heartbeats shared by the universe and people, deafening.

Taiwan,Tamsui / 153 pings / 南國建設 / 天境360

Outward, enjoy the lying Guanyin Mountain and shallow Tamsui River. Inward, the simple and elegant living space is the holiday luxurious mansion gently held and blessed by the nature. This house is a good book to read for generations. The surrounding priceless scenery is the prelude endowed by Tamsui. We present the elevated and warm chapter. In the end, the story is closed with sunlight and moonlight. The two sides of the ellipse are respectively the public and private fields. The most beautiful scenery is specially assigned for the living room. The full arc French window makes a framed seascape. Overlooking the broad and tranquil ocean, feeling an upsurge of excitement.

Subverting the tradition, the modern minimalist style kitchen design is located at the core of the space, enabling the living room and dining room to have a direct conversation with the seascape. Wood, Bianco Carrara marble, stainless steel, exposed concrete, and slate floor of different traits correspond to each other coordinately. The embellishment of the sofa and the dining table and chairs vitalizes the whole field. It lights up the public area, and adds modernity to create a grand and lively space. With the smooth foot flow, the interaction between people will become the most beautiful adjective of this chapter.

The study room and the rest room are the small interlude. The study room is composed with the wooden simple white shelves. The books should be the key element in the design of the study room. The company of the view calms the body and mind. Just focus on the book in hand, occasionally take a look at the mountain and sea out of the window, and spend a leisurely afternoon.

Simple, clean, and pure.

In the rest room, lie in the white sofa and completely relax the body and mind. The sight follows the pattern on the wooden floor and the grid above, to the exquisite lying Guanyin.
With some snacks and black tea on the mini bar, here it is, a cozy afternoon tea party.

The single material elevates the sense of fashion to the maximum. The walk-in closet of the evenly plated wood is elegant and delicate. Step into the bathroom surrounded by white marble. It is as if walking in the moonlight and enjoying the warm bath with the slightly cool mood. The slightly diverting interludes add more abundance to the stories.

On the other side of the ellipse, the master bedroom provides the largest view. Overlook the Taipei basin and enjoy the opening, developing, changing and concluding in different seasons. The scenery is like a piece of wall paper which varies with the mood, and always brings newness. The sheen of the stone indistinctly reflects the outdoor scenes. We can interact with the outdoor nature in the warm bedroom. The regularly layered wood grid wall mixes the cold of marble and the warmth of wooden floor, and makes the space reserved and fined. The air flows like thin water, slowing down the tempo, leading us into the mild chapter, and ending today’s story. Wait for the next beautiful day.

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