The Yu’s Residence, Dazhi

The Yu’s Residence, Dazhi
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Introduce Nature, Creat Nature and Enjoy Nature—Yu Family, Gentle Contact with Nature, Tazhi

Gentle Contact with Nature is located in Dazhi District of Taipei. Green vision is everywhere from every angle of the indoors. It is like living in a forest in the city. The design spirit is white and open; the simple decoration reflects comfortable and press-free space.

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The natural materials of the living room match the style of the overall space. The warm texture wooden TV wall with family members’ name engraved by laser presents the strong connection and emotion of the family.

Cat is also an important member of the Yu family.The metal boards on the TV wall is also jumping platform for the cat.The top level is its favorite private area- underneath the air outlet of air conditioner. When the cat is in the cat house, the detective sensor light will turn on for other members to recognition its location easily.

Apart from the cedar wooden TV wall, other walls are white but not dull. The sunlight shines through floor-to-ceiling windows. The furniture is in low-key and calm colors. Children’s laughter and actions of running pets filled in the whole space. The indoors is full of dynamic and relaxing atmosphere.

The open design of kitchen breaks the boundary with the kitchen.A grey mirror next to the mahogany dining table reflects the interior and extends the visual effect.The dining area is full of vitality and presents security of the family.

The design feature of the master bedroom is white and floor-to-ceiling window that brings in the sunshine. The white TV wall has different size and level boards for cat to jump. The closet and desk are made of dark wood. There is no redundant furniture, the space is left for people.

We want our home to be a place. Where we can build trust and faith. A place to share with each other. And a place to interact and feel warm with family and pet.

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