Tonghua Street Xie’s House

Tonghua Street Xie’s House
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The Terminal Station after Traveling around the World——Tonghua Street Xie’s House

“People, are always the key element in measuring the design.”The owner is a famous travel show host. After traveling around the world, he decides to take root in Taiwan and especially requires using the eco-friendly local materials.The priority in renovating an old house is to preserve the advantage worth collecting. In this case is the red brick wall. We dismantle the old layout so that the public and private fields can connect and keep individuality at the same time.The souvenirs brought from the trips embellish the space carefully, making it look like a small museum

Taiwan,Taipei / 50 pings


The geographical edge of the top floor is made good use of to introduce the sunlight lavishly.The elevated slanting wooden roof extends the space upward with the original red brick wall as the supporting background.The space is dotted with the precious and special handicrafts from all over the world, reminiscent of a piece of journey in each turn.


Two hundred shoes are smartly stored in the back of the Chinese fir barn door.The air-conditioner above is specially covered by the iron grid.The base of the concrete polish coating naturally blends the pattern. Each of the exquisite detail manifests the both rough and delicate industrial style.


A metal lamp reflects the open kitchen, where the owner can not only get together with friends but also take a quiet rest or practice playing the piano alone. The beige wall with the Chinese fir pattern on the back forms the conflicting but harmonious contrast, succinct, not dull.


The grid sliding door serves as the flexible division between the public and private space. The Chinese fir pattern leads to the room.The bedroom and living room are the depth of field for each other. The patchy cement pattern on the ceiling is kept, while the collaged wooden plates are used for the floor.
The walk-in closet is hidden behind the wall of the display stand. The imperial yellow light is cast down from the bathroom wall, accompanied by the dark tiles in the shower room.The overall design corresponds to the owner’s trait with liveliness and personality.
Having travelled around the world, a tired bird will return to its home. A traveler will finally return to his hometown. A home is waiting for its owner. The energy and meaning to give is irreplaceable.