Poem of Rain

Poem of Rain
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Flowing into the Boundless Realm: Poem of Rain

On a grey rainy day, there was a faint rumbling of thunder in the distance. In this four-story building, the owner loves the misty appearance of rainy days incorporated in the design. Included in the refection of grey mirrors are the blur of translucent and fluid lines. Taking rainy days as the canvas to elaborate the imagination of life in the colorful and blurred, calm and beautiful, slightly modern and realistic atmosphere.

Taiwan, Taipei / 66 pings

The multi-story old Taiwan house is long and narrow; the design extends the space upwards, allowing a high ceiling like a patio between the first and second floors to introduce natural light and brighten up the interior. The back wall of the sofa extends all the way up to the second floor; the hidden light penetrates the fabric of the sofa, creating a soft and translucent atmosphere intertwined with beauty. The sofa becomes a unique decoration in the space.

The entrance features an image of “Karesansui.” The water droplets and ripples in the water bowl form beautiful waves of light and shadow in the room. The fine stone at the bottom of the bowl forms the shape of ripples from the center; a little drop of water is like a ticking raindrop falling slowly, drizzling, and then splashing. It has the power of tranquility, peace and comfort. The mountain and water design are adapted into the space to create an unworldly atmosphere. Even the inorganic sand gives rise to flowing vitality.

The use of iron parts turns the heavy structure of the stairs into lightness, blurring the sense of existence of the stairs. Traditional handrails are replaced by strengthened glass to introduce light ad create sense of penetration. The dark corridors are liberated, and the compartments that block the light are extended by the most simple lines to form an open space. Light flows between the virtual and the reality, and it also guides the sunlight and airflow, giving the house scenery of light and shadow. The layers of clear and translucent daylight creates the grey-scale misty and energetic atmosphere of impressionist paintings.

The four-story building allows the spatial positioning of each floor to have a wider configuration. The dining, kitchen and living spaces on the second floor uses a full grey mirror and painted glass to create a wide visual effect. The functional storage cabinet required for the kitchen is hidden in the wall design.

The wall of the master bedroom is replaced by the transparent material of glass. When privacy is needed, the opaque glass can be used to maintain independence. The line of vision can extend from the head of the bead all the way through the bathroom to the end of the terrace. The baboo forest on the terrace represents greenery living in nature, and it also avoids the embarrassment of seeing neighbors.

The whole building is desgined using soft light grey as the main tone, just like the low saturation of a rainy day, so the high-chroma colors are not the main visual focus of the viewer. The concise and clean style creates a fresh and modern sense. In a raining city, even the heart is cleansed in this tranquil and mysterious atmosphere with a gentle sense of light. Paired with fine-textured furniture such as a stylish boutique chair, you can feel the flow of music and time. It can be a peaceful companion in a solitary space and also a space to spend a half-day of leisure with friends on rainy days. The elegance of life lies in the integration of luxury into the feelings of comfort and cultural experience of life outside of a deeper level of pure elegance and substance.

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