俞 宅 - 自 然 奧 義

The Yu Residence – Natural Profundity



The greenness of treetop branches can be seen from the window, bringing vitality to the mind. Enjoy the origin and simplicity of life, the sunrise and sunset, and the changes of seasons. The primitive nature is not far away. Just take a look.

台灣,台北 / 80坪 / 大直小西華


When design returns to the self, a resident has to think again about the definition to the essence of life. With the axis of “naturalism,” the design is based on simplicity.


Life is accompanied by many emotional connections with family, friends, and partners that intertwine in each other’s life.
A home that abounds in feelings is an organic architecture originating from nature and containing profound energy. With the sunrise and sunset and the circle of life, the space will look different with time.


The window view is a flowing seasonal feast. The living room is paved with creamy white limestone with the natural texture to add warmness to the home. If you take a closer look at the European natural raw stone, you will find the small shells and mineral fossils hidden in the stone soil glittering in the sun. The flickering light and shadow symbolizes the interaction between the family, space, and time.


Following the flowing natural scenes, the sofa combination in the living room will also change with the rest needs in daily life. With the favorite books in hand, sit lazily by a gentle light. On a holiday afternoon, spend the warm time with family, chat and dine together, and enjoy the interaction while sitting or standing.


When the white smoke sofa is placed across the center, it is like a long curtain ingeniously separating the ambiances of the living room and the dining room for different social occasions.


The couch by the window is connected naturally by making use of the height differences between the living room and the dining room with the different functions. Based on the ergonomics, it stretches along the window and connects the long table and bar counter. There is neither boundary between the fields nor existing impression of the traditional layout. The people, the environment, and the space are naturally connected in the open area recording the different chapters of life.


Besides, the audio-visual room is arranged at the corner surrounded by greenness. The special coating decorates the wall and properly covers the space to completely enhance the audiovisual equipment and provide the full-immersion experience with sound quality. The ingenious flow design makes it a secluded space at home.

有時把電動紗網降下,除了 擁有不被蚊蟲打擾的巧思,同時也保有室外的清新氣息。

When you slowly open the French windows, you will feel the gentle touch of the breeze on the face and reconnect the outdoor nature. The electric screen can be lowered down to keep insects away and keep the outdoor fresh air at the same time.


The living room is like a big-screen theater staging nature and life. The black screen at the center of the space plays the role of changing the area properties.


The primitive cast iron not processed forms the special spots under the high temperature of refinement. The natural traces formed naturally by temperature can be seen in the sun. Like the limestone, the primitive and simple naturalism can be seen without any embellishment.


Behind the black iron curtain are the master bedroom and bathroom paved with the black wood floor. The sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet are the four independent areas in the bathroom. The two doors separate the areas so that the couple can live together with some flexibility. The marble pattern on the surface and the special coating on the doors and walls also look unadorned. Nature is introduced through five senses.


The point, line, and surface are the rational and inorganic lexicons. However, they can depict the organic lifestyle with the focus on people. For example, the height difference of the kitchen is to meet the ergonomics. Whether it is for cooking or for preparation, the design is custom-made according to the user’s thinking and habits.


During the daily cleaning, you will see a vast expanse of natural greenness and interact with creatures outside the window as if the epitome of four seasons were just within reach.


To achieve the comfortable and detail-oriented life feeling, the interior design of the well-equipped smart air-conditioning system and special coating conform to the living conditions ideal to natural environment and energy conservation. The space design interprets naturalism and embodies the only truth that everything begins with nature.