高 雄 都 廳 苑 - 流 雲 月 光

Cloud and moonlight



When the moving piano sound flowing from the fingers; and the moonlight is gurgling, streaming among the music and space. Huazhi is full of spring, the heaven heart with full moon, and the music notes flow gently through the wrinkles of life as well the ups and downs of the years. It seems to go back to the dusk in childhood, with the faint fragrance of flowers on my cheeks. There is only the evening breeze, the bright moon, the piano sound and me between heaven and earth.

台灣,高雄 / 92坪 / 都廳苑


If it’s said that the music is the soul of a performer, the depth of field and tension brought by light and shadow are the soul of a space. When people listening to music, they always unconsciously circle around with sound as the center.


We put a Steinway & Sons grand pianoforte in the center of a house. The design is completely open and has no partitions, creating a spacious and vast vision. No matter where in the space, the pianoforte will be the central focus of the space axis. It seems to walk into a concert hall, which is located in the center of the vineyard-style concert hall. Every seat surrounds the stage, and all directions will point to the center of the stage.


From the living room to the piano playing area, the soft foot feeling of the carpet always reminds us to perceive subtle differences. It's not survival-like coping, but observing subtle attention. We care about the radian and roundness of the teacup, and reading can have a pleasant corner to open the window and see the scenery; Even if the atmosphere of breathing, it hopes to have a quiet fragrance. Art combines with life, drawing out the five senses and six feelings of occupants.


In the open and wide space with 100 sqf, onl y one room is planned, and the rest are open spaces, pushing the scale to the maximum level. The empty space structure adopts the image of "one entrance, two entrances and three entrances" in the courtyard style of traditional ancient buildings, and the hidden sliding door can be pulled up as a partition when necessary. The wide and endless vision makes people have the illusion that they are separated and penetrated in space, as if they were enjoying themselves in art galleries or museums, and the final stop of vision i s always on the precisely constructed main wall of artistic vision.


When the moving sound of the piano flow from black and white keys with fingertips, it is like the dancing butterfly, which develops clean and empty in the space, but it has a calm and natural taste. The radiation and flow of sound emanating from the center clearly flows in the distant starry sky. The natural and shallow marble pattern in living room is just like the distant starry sky, a bright moon, which precipitates a clear glimmer and leads the viewer into an aesthetic space.


If the open space is a concert hall, the most special thing is the sculpture ceiling above the pianoforte. The concave surface of the dome is like a modern abstract art work, which is embedded in a space without clear boundary. Create a simple shape with special paint, resonate with free and colorful music, and blend into the environment harmoniously.


Vision is the most important monopolist among all senses. We observe the world with eyes and feel the colorful beauty of senses. The first visual impact of artwork is the best interpretation of artwork itself. In the space of this case, the artwork is skillfully placed at the end of the visual end scene, so that the occupants can feel the power of beauty quietly emanating from the artworks in their daily life. Just as musicians listen to inner voices, the artwork talks to people in space, and the form and spirit of works mutually reflect with the consciousness of owners, which is becoming the works with time power.


The kitchen adopts the suspension cabinet of German bulthaup kitchen ware, which abandons the traditional floor-standing kitchen ware wall. The suspension cabinet not only creates the overall lightness, but also creates a combined hidden wall cabinet. The stainless steel square foot seat in island makes the visual effect appear lighter and more penetrating, and makes the vision more concise. At the same time, it accommodates a lot of electrical appliances and storage space in the kitchen. The slim fine sand net sliding door, which avoids the spread of oil smoke, shows a shiny and transparent feeling like silver silk under the reflection of the bottom light, which makes the kitchen also show a neat and concise future feeling.


The audio-visual room like a corridor, from the piano to the master bedroom, is designed in a hall-through way, which can achieve excellent flexible configuration for various use situations of the owner. When visiting guests share the audio-visual equipment, they only need to close the doors of the master bedroom aisle to divide the public and private fields; When the owner wants to enjoy the audio-visual room from the private domain, he only needs to close the door facing the public do main. If you want to enjoy the sound and light quality in a quieter way, you can close the doors on both sides, which is the perfect private audio-visual theater.


The bedside of the master bedroom has the dra pes made of titanium-plated iron pieces and woven leather, which makes the space a li ttle softer and brings the fashion sense of boutique hotels. The bedside tables are custom ized. Rust composition will make the surface change with the passage of time, forming unexpected color and texture like natural paintings.


The master bedroom bathroom is configured with the size of a room, and the dark black mosaic tiles are different from the previous tile impression of bathroom space with a sense of small and delicate lines. The washstand uses logs as the base of the table, and the original warm wood keeps the original natural rough appearance of five lives. In addition to the bathtub, one side of the balcony is specially set with shallow water. Let the host wash and comb the physical and mental journey while taking a bath, and enjoy the sky and clouds outside the window, blowing through the water surface, no matter the water surface is still as a mirror or the wind blows the pool water. Architecture has never isolated nature, it gives us solid protection in the natural wind and rain, and in the hearts that echo with nature, we never forget the resonance and longing for everything in the universe.