Light Corridor, Quiet Yard



If Light and Wind Sweep through Laughter: Light Corridor, Quiet Yard

台灣,台中 / 297坪 / 自地自建 / 昌平


Situated in the residential area of villas in Taichung, the construction of simplicity and neatness with the dark and well-executed lines of the H-shape steel structure creates the tension of the geometric style in the space. Between the vertical and horizontal line structure, the corridor bridges the two buildings, forming the circular structure. It is as if the satisfactory memory of the traditional sanheyuan yard were aroused.


As the core of the construction, the corridor of the tea-making area is like a pavilion with permeability. It is also the core of the circular construction and the double passageways directly connecting the two buildings. At the entrance is a guest-greeting conifer with the ancient charm. The steps of the thin bricks with the rusty iron pattern lead upward to the yard, where the tea pavilion serves as the deep emotional connection between people.


The dark green marble paved floor coming into view looks like the landscape in ancient paintings. The light strokes of thick ink and a trace of green are integrated into the natural spirituality. The tea table exhibits the strength and the original pattern and looks of the tree. The natural vitality shows the grandness and luxury naturally in modest elegance.


On the crisscrossing aluminum grid ceiling, the connected squares are endowed with a sense of contentedness, quietness, and relief from the flat and strict structure. On the walls of both sides, the wood cabinets are arranged with the thin iron shelf boards to store the tea sets and tableware of the tea room. The shelf boards increase the storage flexibility and exhibition function, integrating the ratio of lines and reducing the oppression of the volume. The extension, piling-up, and permeability of the materials echo with the Chinese classical charm of the living room and kitchen room on the two sides.

環形建築的讓空間開始有了吐納呼吸的生命,日光和輕風貫穿整個院落。大片落地窗讓戶外的天光雲影與綠意,在四時節氣流轉中,可以順 入、迴流。半開放的一樓廊道提供了穿越基地的連接,讓自然的生命以各種姿態融入建築之中,將富裕美好、幸福安康的生活涵藏在設計細節中。

The circular construction gives life to the space so that it can breathe. The sunlight and breeze penetrates the yard. The large French windows introduce the outdoor scene of sunshine, clouds, and greenness naturally indoors with the turns of seasons. The semi-open corridor on the first floor provides the connection between the bases. The natural life is integrated into the construction in the different forms. The rich, beautiful, happy, and healthy life is all manifested in the design details.



The kitchen with the exclusive taste is the condensation of the concept of “home.”
With the pure white and clean colors and the extremely simple and neat lines, the open kitchen is the perfect integration of different functions and shows the exquisite craft of the kitchenware. A square counter is extended from the island, while the central space is kept for the island. As the family and friends gather together, they have a hearty chat over wine and meal, enjoying both the visual and tasting feast in the space and feeling the richness in life.


在充滿詩意與人文風骨的空間中,將古代文人不疾不徐、自然而然的「生命的態度」(contain life),涵納於生活情境中,呈現出空間精神與生活核心。從木質的溫潤清新,返璞歸真的自然氣息,與呈現自然斑駁美感的鏽紋薄磚,為空間淬鍊出一種沉穩而靜謐的氣息,營造出簡約樸實而別具清幽的現代感建築。

Find the closeness between architecture and men at a coincidental corner.
In the space full of poetic and cultural atmosphere, the ancient literati’s slow-paced and natural life attitude has been contained in life, presenting the space spirit and life core. The natural feeling of the gentle and fresh wood returning to the original simplicity and the thin bricks with rusty pattern showing the naturally mottled aesthetics create a steady and quiet atmosphere for the modern construction of simplicity and tranquility.