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Guo Yu
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“The tall standing building looks great in woods but small in mountains.”

Guo Yu is a landscape multi-layered luxurious
residence situated on the mountain of Xindian.
The layout is open and extended,
including natural scenes everywhere.
By quietly feeling the temperature in the
passage of life,we build the space design with
the unity of heaven and man.

台灣,新北 / 198坪 / 新普建設 / 國玉


The second floor serves as the major entrance and gateway. The design of the living room is the important façade of this luxurious residence. The floor is all paved with the ink-black quartz bricks, accompanied by the glazed red coffee table and fur carpet. The greenness of the forest as the background of the pure white sofa becomes the distinguished guest of the residence.

山景皆納入無遺 創造流暢視野


The flawless white extends up to the ceiling. The slanting-cut 3D structure is like the continuous mountains. The background is a wide French window, from which the garden and the mountain scene are both included and the smooth view is created.


漆銅色半圓罩燈飾由天花華麗降落, 燈色泛出屬於用餐區的光圈, 餐廳設計由原木餐桌揭幕、與橫亙於廚房的木質中島互為景深, 並搭配四周石皮拼貼裝飾柱體:自然的材質使心靈沈靜, 延續與山林間的對話。

The copper semi-spherical lamp is hung gorgeously from the ceiling. The light creates the atmosphere of the dining area. The design of the dining room starts with the wood dining table, which serves as the mutual depth of field together with the wood island spanning across the kitchen. The surrounding surface stone collage decorates the columns. The natural materials calm the mind and extend the conversations with the forest.


廚房設計中, 自動鏡面門板將冰箱及櫥櫃收合, 兼具使用機能及時尚品味,

In the design of the kitchen, the automatic mirror door panel covers the refrigerator and cabinet. The combination of both function and fashion manifests the aesthetics of interior design and the harmony of home life.


As you walk downstairs slowly along the black iron piece stairs, the architectural concrete surfaces are orderly arranged, creating a layer contrast between the cold and the warm to the symmetrical teak grid at the entrance of the first floor. It suggests the major recreational function of the first floor.


The mellow bottle wine of different years is well stored and exhibited like artworks. The light inlayed in brown wood is scattered in the glass cabinet, reflecting the unsurpassed beauty of the generation. The structure of the stainless steel bar is decorated with the pig iron plate on the side elevation. The natural pattern like splash ink embellishes the owner’s unique taste.



Taking the indoor elevator rising up slowly, we come to the owner’s private field on the third floor: bedroom and study room. A natural landscape painting comes into view. It is as if the books were mixed with the breath of leaves. In the wander of broadness, many life principles are self-evident.



In the consistent calmness, the glimmering light creeps onto the slanting-cut surface of the architectural concrete, making the headboard wall even quieter. As the wall extends backward, it leads to a walk-in closet, which stores the clothes without causing any incongruity to the space. The bathroom of almost the same size is connected to the master bedroom. The natural light is lavishly introduced through the scuttle, bathing people in the warm light.



Guo Yu, born from the land and return to the land,
gathers the inexhaustible energy for life.