Gentle World, Light Axis

Gentle World, Light Axis
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Gentle World, Light Axis

“The gentle arc represents the soft but persevering inner world of the hostess, which is also reflected on the plan of natural wood, clear glass, and every detail of the open layout. The glass globe light glows up and down, illuminating the soft and comfortable space of feelings. The natural scenery outside the window flows into the interior with the round axis of the curved surface, whispering tranquility and leisure in the fashionable lazy life.

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The curved corner cabinet and mirror wall form the entrance, opening up a conversation between curved lines indoors. As the arc lexicon leads eyes to the French window in the living room, the broad window view is like a long shot of the scenery in the movie. As the arc curtain on the ceiling of the living room is opened, it hangs low to cover the beam across the space, looking like a soft white movie screen reflecting the light and creating a harmonious and quiet leisure space feeling.

The warm wooden TV wall is placed with the audio and visual devices. A small egg-shaped platform is designed under it. The surface is coated with the special texture to create the dark shadows on the surface of eggshells. The grey glossy marble is adopted for the sofa back wall with an inlaid ethanol fireplace below.

The flickering fire combined with the natural and organic shell-shaped pendant creates a warm and leisurely corner of the home space and the exquisite end view full of fashionable taste.

The two-way sofa enriches the flow of the living room and also connects the dining room and kitchen. The layout of the kitchen is rearranged into an open space combining the dining room. The island connected with the dining table creates a large horizontal span to add grandness and layers to the public space of the functional sculpture full of architectural lexicons.

In response to the corner structure, in the master bedroom, the curved wooden walls enclose a comfortable sleeping space partially embellished with grilles and the lighting design on the edge of the wall. It creates a soft, gentle, and light feeling as if the wall were floating out of the frame. In the walk-in closet, the titanium-plated iron pieces reflect the low-key luxury. The reeded glass sliding door lightly defines the two sides of the space, reflecting the delicate and blurred halo effect.

The one-piece washbasin in the bathroom of the master bedroom is sprayed light beige grey and combined with the semicircle trim, forming a bathing space of exquisiteness. The bathing area overlooks the beautiful view of the city. The clear glass wall connecting to the bedroom forms a clear visual axis of the surrounding view, allowing the mind to drift away to the distant mountains, breathe, and relax.

The entrance to the motherʼs bedroom is hidden behind the TV wall grille in the living room. The symmetrical wall lamps create the classical atmosphere on the painted wall. The simple modern room shows the leisure tranquility. Lines are reduced here to make the scenery outside the window the best decorative element of life

The style is reversed in the bathroom. The glossy azurite tiles are combined with the quartz stone like the starry sky to present the vintage and classic luxury to the mother. The calming stone pattern relaxes body and mind. The fatherʼs bedroom is located behind the ethanol fireplace. The simple black and white framework makes up the leisure lexicon. The clear glass window view divided from a corner of the TV wall connects the sight between the living room and the bedroom. Enjoy the abundant life with nature while looking at both the indoor and outdoor scenery.

If curved lines are the language that flows in the space, the stone and wooden floors are the background of the story divided into different chapters. The entrance, dining room, kitchen, and living room in the public space are divided by the hallway. The different materials enrich the expressions of the space. In the private space, the wooden floor complements the curved lines and strengthens the comfortable and gentle characteristics of the space. The conversation between the arcs is full of fun as well as smooth simplicity and calm elegance, bringing life the elegant feeling of tranquility.