【 闊 】 自製影片

在山景環繞的室內空間,大量的自然光線柔和的揮灑進來,彷彿徜徉於大自然間,襯托出空間精緻的森靈魂。人文與自然的循環,整體灰階的格調營造簡單的層次感,靜謐刻劃出典雅的居住的型態,開放式淋浴間的設計與臥室的溫和優雅連成體,讓沐浴成為一場饗宴,交織出一種藝術的情調。以灰色調性的清水模結合自然肌理的石材,家中的各處牆面做為空間機能的背景, 溫潤的實木格柵,將質樸的自然生命力帶入空間,和主要的公共空間相互呼應, 創造獨特的對稱性。空間彼此的界定,利用自然光線的引導,光與影自由穿梭在俐落的樓梯間,連結公共空間與私人區域,徜徉於山野林間勾勒出慢活的生活步調。
Walking indoor with surrounding of mountain view and lots of mild natural lights, it feels like that you are wandering in the nature. Such a delicate space seems to have a forest soul. The humane and natural cycle as well as the integrated gray style create a simple feeling of multi layer to quietly depict the elegant residence. With the design of opened bathroom, it connects with graceful bedroom to make bath a feast with artistic atmosphere. Exposed concrete cooperates with natural stone texture, providing a grey scale background for the interior. A warm solid wooden grille brings vitality into the space, and echoes with the public area.The light leads the flow, and connects the public and private areas. Living in the forest, and living a downshifting life.