【 覺 界 】 自製影片

噓!空間在低語 你 聽見了嗎
詩,是藉文字的形式傾訴內心情感,而室內設計是以空間表達態度與感情。設計師與業主之間,長時間的相處,相互了解並信任,一同勾勒彼此認同的設計,然後將之落實於屋中,就像一起執筆,寫出一首濃濃的詩。在交屋時,對方送給我們一句話:「Alan用他的語言 訴說著一個個的故事 一場場的舞演 帶你走進 他和空間的故事裡面 再 裡面」我們看進屋主的心,並將心中的夢想住宅具象化;而屋主也感受到了我們的努力與想表達的精神, 這次的合作又是一場新的感動。 墨色,是東方獨有的色彩。 以深灰黑作為整體基調,選擇自然紋理的建材, 堆疊出詩意、沉靜、細膩、感性的人文風。
Shh!Do you hear it, the whisper of the room?
Poem, is a representation of feelings in a form of words; interior design presents attitudes and emotions via spaces. The designer and his/ her clients spent much time together for knowing each other, furthermore, trusting each other. They sketch out the outline of the dream house, then make it a reality. Just like two hands writing an elegant poem with one pen. In this case, when handing the key to the client, she gave us a statement: "Alan tells stories and performances through his language, and leads you into the story of him and the spaces. Deeper and deeper. " We see the mind of the homeowners, and fulfill their dreams; therefore, the owners feel our efforts and designing spirit. We felt moved by the new challenge this time. The color of black ink is a symbol of orient. Based with dark grey and layered with natural textures, the humanity style interior is full of poetry, silence, delicacy, and sensation.