【 A World for Epiphany 】 ShangYih Video

Shh!Do you hear it, the whisper of the room?
Poem, is a representation of feelings in a form of words; interior design presents attitudes and emotions via spaces. The designer and his/ her clients spent much time together for knowing each other, furthermore, trusting each other. They sketch out the outline of the dream house, then make it a reality. Just like two hands writing an elegant poem with one pen. In this case, when handing the key to the client, she gave us a statement: "Alan tells stories and performances through his language, and leads you into the story of him and the spaces. Deeper and deeper. " We see the mind of the homeowners, and fulfill their dreams; therefore, the owners feel our efforts and designing spirit. We felt moved by the new challenge this time. The color of black ink is a symbol of orient. Based with dark grey and layered with natural textures, the humanity style interior is full of poetry, silence, delicacy, and sensation.