【 微 觀 四 季 】 自製影片

環山綠蔭與都市交疊,伴隨著光影轉換不同時間軸的景色,一步一步地漫入恬靜的生活之中,使沉靜的灰調空間,妝點著豐富的自然色彩。生活,隨著時間流動,產生了不同的面貌。 整體設計使用大面積灰調石材的紋理,帶出空間的焦點氣勢;搭配木色的溫潤,讓整體空間調合出沉靜安穩的氛圍。
The surrounded greens folded with the metropolitan bustling sites, accompanied by different time frames and its variety backgrounds, it seems like these lights have stepped into the tranquility of life one step at a time, adding the abundance of natural color on top of the quite grey space. Life, seems to have represented a totally different features when the time starts to circulate in a timelessly manner. The whole design uses a gigantic area of grey veined pattern, bringing about the focal majestic manner for space, along rinsed with the wooden-colored, blending into a sense of tranquility and solid atmosphere.