【 天 境 3 6 0 】 自製影片

每面窗景 都有不同的畫面,猶如旅行 經歷不同的變換。不同的景觀 不同的視野,成就房子最獨一無二的表情。主臥室綜觀整個台北盆地,透過石材的光澤 隱約反射窗外的景緻。開放的主空間 眺望美麗海景,運用橢圓形的天花板呼應整個窗景的弧度。有別於台灣傳統式的廚房的架構,將廚房安排在核心的位置,跟整個主空間與景觀做最直接的對話,讓這樣的場域成為互動感十足的度假與休閒空間。
Every window view has its different picture. Such work is like a journey, where we can experience different changes. Different views and different visions can make the house's expression most unique. We can see the Taipei basin in the master bedroom through the sheen of the rock which indistinctly reflects the view out of the window. The opened public space, from which we can see the very beautiful sea; the oval ceiling corresponds to the arc of the window view. Different from the traditional Taiwanese kitchen, the kitchen is located at the core location of the space. It can also have the most direct conversation with the main space and view, bringing more holiday-like and recreational interactions to the field.